Jasmine – Grand Jester Collection

A bust of Princess Jasmine holding a bird has been added to the Grand Jester Collection. I think it’s beautiful with her hair swaying out, although her upper body on top of the palace garden fountain looks a bit weird in my opinion.

Jasmine – Grand Jester Collection.

Genie is also in their collection as well. Standing on top of his lamp Genie is presented in his Hawaii outfit ready for a well deserved vacation.

New Glen Keane Short “Duet”

New Glen Keane Short "Duet"

“Duet” is the first hand drawn animated short by the hands of Glen Keane since he left the Disney studios a couple of years ago. I see several influences from the Disney films Glen worked on in the animation of “Duet”. While I have not spotted any Aladdin influence I did see Tarzan in how the boy climbs the tree. Pocahontas/Belle in the movement of the adult girl as ballerina and Beauty and the Beast in the kiss at the end.