Remaster of Aladdin Classic Video Game

The 16-bit Aladdin platform video game came out almost 26 ago, on November 11, 1993. And made by Virgin Entertainment for the Sega Genesis and other systems has gotten a remaster by Nighthawk Interactive and Digital Eclipse. Sadly they didn’t include the CAPCOM version that came out on the SNES and was my favorite video game for many years in the 1990’s.

The two companies updated the game to work on modern video game systems like the Nintendo Switch, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox. For the PC, the game that used to run on MS-DOS can now be played on Windows 10 through Steam.

The updated version is in HD ready to play modern TV and monitors. It also has a Rewind and Save option to it’s easier to go back to levels instead of the password system of yesteryear. There’s also a making of

Playstation Blog features a story on how this game got restored and made to work on systems 25 years later

Live Action Prequel film about Genie in the works at Disney

I sort of saw this one coming.  Disney hired a team of writers to pen a live action prequel movie based on Genie from the beloved 1992 animated film.

Called Genie the fillm is written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift and produced by  Tripp Vinson. The film is said to focus on the genies and how Aladdin’s genie came trapped inside the lamp. If succesful a out right remake of the Aladddin film itself is an option. Personally I’m not excted at this sequal/prequel or remakes of classic 2d animated films. I rather see Disney to make new fresh films be either live action or (2d) animated.

Through Hollywood Reporter.

IO9 has nice batch of comments




Free Lithograph Set with Aladdin Blu-Ray Pre-Order

Aladdin Promo Litho's 1992

Aladdin Promo Litho’s 1992

Pre-Ordering the Aladdin Diamond Edition Combo Pack at you get a set of 4 lithographs for free. These lithos are re-drawings on promotion material from back in the days the movie was in theaters. I’ve the complete set of those framed on my wall for many years. I could only find this old photo from like 10 years ago but since a few years I’ve put the set in one big frame with a nice golden/brass border. I remember that the Platinum DVD set from 2004 had this collectors edition with a booklet and a set of character sketches of the main characters by their supervising animators. Aladdin on Blu-Ray in the US is available to own October 13, 2015. y.




D23 2015 Aladdin Panel

On Saturday August 15 at 6 pm D23, the annual Disney EXPO in the Anaheim Convention Center, Walt Disney World Aladdin’s directors John Musker and Ron Clements, Animators Eric Goldberg who supervised the genie and Mark Henn who was the man behind bringing Jasmine to life will discuss they’re experince working on Aladdin back in early nineties. They’re joined by voice actors Scott Weinger and Linda Larkin who did the speaking parts for Aladdin and Jasmine and Brad Kane who did the singing for our hero on One Jump Ahead and A Whole New World. This all for the release of Aladdin on Blu Ray as a Diamond edition set for an Oct 13, 2015 release

It’s not as big as the panel that was formed for the platinum edition in 2004. But I’m glad Disney is giving Aladdin at least some attention. Though I suspect this gathering will not end up on the disc itself I’m sure recording of the event will popup on Youtube quickly after.