Review: Jasmine Enchanted Tales

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This is a transfer from a VHS release from the mid 1990’s now with an extra episode, Do The Rat Thing, simple menu’s and 2 bonus features. A fun and good looking game “Jasmine’s Jewel Game” where we hear Linda again behind a CG of Jasmine’s dresser. It’s a simple game, select the right object and a character is freed. Select the wrong object and nothing happens you can select an object as many times as needed. The game is aimed at young kids and not die hard fans like myself. Now on with the episodes

Elemental, My Dear Jasmine

This was the first Aladdin episode I saw. Sun, sea and surf is what a day at the beach for most people is but not for Team Aladdin. When Jasmine gets her hair wet and meshed up the guys laugh at her. Angry and sad she walks away to make her look decent again when a huge wave washes her from the cliff and pulls her underwater where a red-haired, with an orange tail mermaid lives. She’s Saleen, man hunter. When she hears about Aladdin and how nothing can get between him and Jasmine Saleen sees a challenge and goes to the surface. Before Jasmine can stop her Saleen traps her underwater.

Soon she finds Aladdin and tries to sweep the guy of his feet with her “I’m lost I need strong and handsome man to guide me” pickup line. But the boy is looking for Jasmine to apologize. While looking for his princess he takes Saleen with him hoping she might help. When the guys and the mermaid are back in Agrabah Jasmine gets a message trough to play along with Saleen and take her back to the beach.

Jasmine meets Saleen

Aladdin pretends her doesn’t care about Jasmine anymore and goes for Saleen. Happy she’s winning the mermaid let Aladdin take her to a fish ’n chips at the beach. Just as Saleen decides what to eat she falls through a hidden hatch in the sea. As she falls Jasmine comes up from the deep she picked up by Aladdin on Carpet. Next follows a struggle between the guys and the mermaid with her pet octopus. Then Genie surfaces as a sub and torpedoes Saleen over the horizon.

Do The Rat Thing

Another episode I saw in German long ago. Jasmine is challenged by Aladdin to proof she knows allot about the real world outside the palace. Aladdin just don’t know that, he only saved a rat from the dagger of a suitor and explained to his fiancee he and the rat are not that different. And the headstrong girl goes out in disguise taking Iago with her to proof she can be a street rat or mouse.

Aladdin and Saleen
Genie as waiter in the fish and chips

She steals a mirror that goes quite well despite the strange warning from Fashir that she be punished by doing wrong or something cryptic like that. In Agrabah nothing is what it seems and so as Jasmine is proud she proofs she’s a street rat the mirror turns her into one while Iago is turned into a lizard.

The rest of the day they try to get to Genie to be turned back by him. Along the way Jasmine has to face dangers like don’t be reconsidered by Aladdin, or getting some food. But Jasmine does learn a few things about the life outside the palace. For instance the poor mother who no money to feed her kids a good meal so the kind of person Jasmine is helps them.

When the two finally get inside the palace they have to deal with their friends first before Genie can help them. Lucky for Jasmine Rajah recognizes her before he eats her. With the help of the tiger Genie is summoned and with some to trail and error Jasmine and Iago are back to human and bird again.

Garden of Evil

Twenty years ago the Sutlan plucked a flower in the forbidden garden of Arbutus, the owner and maintainer of a beautiful garden. He let the Sultan go but with the warning the in 20 years he come to get his treasure. The guys volunteer to guard the Sultan’s treasure room incase Arbutus comes.


That night Arbutus indeed visits the palace but instead of gold he takes Jasmine right before Aladdin’s eyes. The hero and friends joined by the Sultan leave to search and rescue Jasmine. Meanwhile the princess has a plan of escape herself but Arbutus sees and knows everything that’s alive in his garden and prevents Jasmine from escaping.

Jasmine learns that Arbutus isn’t a monster just a misunderstood artist who only wants to make stunningly beautiful art using flowers and trees. Arbutus sees humans as destroyers who don’t appreciate what nature gives them. And he is right as more and more nature has to make room for civilization.

Genie guarding with a gaint toothbrush

Just as the plant creature and the princess understand each other Aladdin cutting the branches the try to stop him hurting Arbutus in the process. Jasmine tries to tell Aladdin but it’s no use both the hero and Arbutus are to busy fighting each other that they don’t listen. Eventfully Aladdin loses his sword it cuts Arbutus life flower killing the creature in the process. Then, when the garden has died with Arbutus, Jasmine explains to Aladdin that people are really not that different from each other.