Lady Heartilly Animated Music Videos

Besides the communities at I haven’t found a blog that has decent Aladdin content. It’s all garbage often expensive garbage, sites that fake a blog to sell products. Half the time not even Disney related.

Tonight I dug up something that’s worth my time, Lady Heartilly blog at at I downloaded two Little Mermaid videos from her last year. Found them on a Mermaid site via Little Ariel. “Not Pretty Enough” with music from Casy Chambers and the spine shivering vocals of Celine Dion in “I’ll Be Waiting For You.” The second video is about the love between Ariel and Eric the vid makes me so want to watch Mermaid.

Other amv’s from Lady Heartilly productions I (think) I’ve seen are Break Away, The Rose and Uptown Girl

Got Lady, she looks greater then ever

Lady is restored beautifully, she now looks better then Cinderella and even Bambi. Notice the breathtaking backgrounds that now stand out even better.

Good, on to the reason of this post besides plugging Lady SE. -:) The second disc includes great bonus features such as Disneyland TV shows and a complete storyboard scene from 1943. For a full review I direct your attention to Ultimate Disney.

Andreas Deja, notice the Jafar figure behind him while being interviewed in front of a desk. Is a regular Disney expert often seen on their DVDs, here he speaks with the last of the remaining Nine Old Man Ollie Johnston.

Besides Andreas two (former) Disney animators speak about creating Lady and the Tramp. Both played major parts in the development of Aladdin. First is Carpet animator Randy Cartwright he’s briefly seen on Lady and other Disney dvd’s. But it’s Eric Goldberg, head Genie animator and responsible for the design of Aladdin the movie, who is promotly appearing on Lady and the Tramp. He walks the viewer through the old storyboards from 1943 and hosts the introductions of the deleted scenes included on the disc.

Oh and watch out for TLM trailer, Ariel swims to platinum DVD this fall. I think about 80% of the creators of Aladdin worked on Mermaid including Ron Clements and John Musker, directors. Glen Keane, Andreas Deja and Mark Henn, animators. And don’t forget Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. I have been waiting to own Mermaid on disc since Aladdin’s dvd release one-and-a-half years ago.