Musker and Clements (might) return to WDFA

Until now I was a little sceptic about the merger between Disney and Pixar and putting John Lasseter had of the studio and big chief of the parks. All the insiders like Jim Hill say it’s great with lines like magic is returning to Disney and Disney back on track. That’s great and all but Disney fans like myself like to see proof before breaking open the champagne. I liked killing the TS3 project then was confused that Pixar was going to do it themselves. I was excited to hear the news that Don Hahn was put in charge of the studio till the merger is finished. But tonight, when I read there’s a good chance my favorite Disney directors Ron Musker and John Clements are returning to the studio I was thrilled.

The duo Clements and Musker directed/co-wrote and produced hits like “The Little Mermaid”, “Hercules” and the lesser but fine “Treasure Planet” and of course Aladdin. If I where them I would demand a few things including reuniting the talents of animators Eric Goldberg, Glen Keane, Randy Cartwright layout artist Rasoul Azadani and composer Alan Menken to make one hell of a movie, preferably is in 2d but if done right (i.e. Pixar’s Toy Story, Dreamworks Shrek) a stunning funny cgi film.

The Clements/Musker team where great in comedy/slapstick movies while Gary Trousdale
Kirk Wise directing team did the serious more epic movies like Beauty, Hunchback and Atlantis. What ever the case all hail John Lasseter.