Sims 2 Open For Business and Bambi 2

Just a quick post at the start of the week. I haven’t posted anything, besides the screenshots The Citadel because I’ve been playing the new expansion pack for The Sims 2 Open For Business. So far I got a successful flowery shop, a toy store and electronics store losing money. It’s tricky to get a successful shop up and running. But there is potential for a Disney Store just like I wrote before. Once I get the hang of the game I give it a try. If successful I upload the lot.

The game was picked up after I came out of Bambi 2 in theater. The movie is quite good, for a sequel. Story wise isn’t that bad, characters stay true to their form and the animation is near traditional feature level. The only aspect of Bambi 2 that didn’t work where the songs. Despite Laura Vlasblom’s vocals the songs are in the range of previous sequels like Mermaid 2 and Lady 2. Bad!