My Aladdin Book Collection

While going through my Aladdin/Disney collection I felt it was time to make a list of all the Aladdin books in my possession.
The list has a notes column but doesn’t include personal comments on some of the books. For example Disney’s Aladdin – The Making of an Animated Film was my first Ebay purchase ever and one of my most prizes Aladdin items. Jasmine’s Story was often discussed by member of the Aladdin Mailing List but a copy didn’t get in my possession until years later. A Pet For A Princess and As You Wish where mentioned at Aladdin Central forum. Both where purchased last year and have a blog entry for them.

When I was little my parent has a subscription with De Disney Boekenclub. I know there exists or used to exist a USA Disney division called something like Disney Books. Through these books I learned of Disney animated classics as Dumbo and Bambi a decade before I would watch them on home video. The book adaption of Aladdin and De Wraak van Jafar are Ebay purchases but Aladdin en het Witte Kameeltje is a special made of Aladdin and the King Of Thieves. Or was it The Return of Jafar? My memory is fuzzy about that. What I do know is that either ROJ or KOT came with a Iago beaniebag, there’s have a photo on the blog somewhere.
One of the best online purchases of the last 6 years isOnce Upon A Princess. It has the most gorgeous illustrations ever drawn for a Disney book that I’ve seen. An AML friend had send me scans years ago. I need to write a post about it sometime and share them with you.

The list is in Excel and should be read by your browser without problems. If you can’t post a comment. I know there are browser plugins and viewers out there.

View the list here