Puzzles: The Second Batch

covered wall

Before they could hanged I had to make room. A framed Beast joined Bambi, both where a present from my mother who found them at the supermarket long ago. And a Finding Nemo poster was killed in the process, I never liked it in the first place anyway. But hey it was free. 😉

While rearanging I took two lithos from another wall and put with the three existing. As you can see they cover the entire lenght of the wall.
The the series, I have more but don’t have pictures (yet), are from Ebay ages ago. It wasn’t until a year of 3 ago I bought standard frames for them and hang them. I’m considering taking them to Fantasia sometime, I have to decide if I stick to the current gold shade or have them framed in their own color shade. Maybe black, it looks good with the white edges.

The gallery, enjoy and thanks for the compliments AladdinsGenie. 🙂


overall view
close-up of left puzzles
close-up of right puzzles
close-up of balcony
close-up of Disney Princess
overall shot of A Whole New World poster with I known about a treasure puzzle
close-up of Aladdn and Jafar


close-up of the lithos
close-up of genies
close-up of le amor
close-up of magic carpet ride
close-up of checkmade
close-up of grouphug
close-up of Jafar and Iago