You Know You Are Obsessed With Aladdin When…

I was pointed to this tread at Aladdin Central Messageboards this morning. I didn’t do most of these things but things like making a shrine or decorating my room I most definitely did. 😀

Actually the thread reminded me of the exact same thing we did at the AML years ago. There we called it AFS (Aladdin Feeling Syndrome). I ran the official website at the time and made a list. Today the site remains hidden at Aladdin Central, it still has all 200 symptoms listed beating the AC list by 44 symptoms.

I have been feeling weird lately. AFS is getting to me, think I caught again at work.
201. You says “Open Sesame” to open the elevator door at work. When it doesn’t open you look puzzling at your co-worker saying “of was het maanzaad open uw?” getting snuckkels from them.
202. You ask your co-worker if Abu’s around when he mentions Aladdin, department head.
203. When at Aladdin’s department you start looking for Abu or other characters from the movie.   
204. You look up Aladdin in a list of illegal pirated copies a co-worker offers.
205. You try to hum AWNW during workhours but always seem to end up humming Part Of Your World and Under The Sea instead.