Marrakesh night market

I had allot of people on my ICQ list between the years 1999 -2001 after which nobody ever seemed to be online anymore or al least never when I was on so I stopped using IM programs. Somewhere during that time someone mentioned she got inspiration from the song Marrakesh night market by Loreena McKennitt and send it to me. It’s been in my Disney\Sounds\Mp3\Aladdin folder forever. It passes by whenever I feel the need for some easy listing music and not in the mood for any pop/rock song or Disney music. Wikipedia has a page about both her album, The Mask and Mirror and Loreena McKennitt herself.

You know that fan was right, it’s a good song to get inspired but what really inspires me is the music score that I only know as merchant.mp3. I have no idea who wrote or preformed it nor if it ever was released on CD.

I’ve attached it and love to know more about it.