Rare jongens, die Vikings

I saw Asterix en de Vikings (Asterix and the Vikings) today. It’s a European traditional animated production based on the famous comic characters of Asterix and Obelix. The old 80’s and 90’s Asterix are on TV every year and I always enjoy watching them when I get the chance. I love the gags, trash the Romans! The gag, Rare jongens, die vikings (These Vikings are Crazy)

The gags are funny and the characters timeless. AatV animation is not the same quality Disney used to make but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good because it is. Compared to all the CG garbage out and coming this spring it’s a relief to see theatical pencil animation. The last 2d animated film that had a theater run was Bambi 2 all the rest was 3D and not worth spending my money on. The new Pixar Cars is the only one I’m giving a chance even though I don’t have anything with cars the new trailer looks nice and better then either The Wild of Over the Hedge.

Celine Dion sings the title song “Let Your Heart Decide” at youtube. It’s always good to hear Celine’s voice which brings me to the Aladdin connections in Asterix and the Vikings and the reason I’m alloted to write about it here. As you know Celine sang with Peabo Bryson along time ago and he preformed Aladdin’s A Whole New World with Regina Belle. Futher though I had Flemish voice actors the credits listed Corney Burton as one of the voices.

The Man

theman.jpgSince Streetrat passed the 400 post mark and “The Secret of Dagger Rock” is my personal favorite episode and get one post closer the magically 500 post mark. I made a collage of the funniest scene titled “The Man”

Memories of The Secret Of Dagger Rock

The Secret of Dagger Rock

The first bit of The Secret of Dagger Rock was on the Italian channel Rai Uno. At the time, it must be around 10 years ago our cable provider broadcast it from behind a decoder. That made the picture and sound so bad it was almost un watchable. At sometime I found that Rai Uno had Aladdin (tv series) every weekday around dinner time and despite the horrible picture and sound I tried the follow the episodes.

TSODR is the only episode I remember watching because at this scene I recognized Jasmine in a strange outfit. I thought she was wearing Aladdin’s streetrat and I asked myself “why is she wearing Aladdin’s outfit” and I speculated in myself that she might be undercover living with Aladdin at his hovel. It wasn’t until I saw the episode on the Belgium channel BRT in Dutch that I understood she was undercover posing as a soldier.

By the way this is my 400th post since I started almost 2 years ago.