Puzzles: the final ones

I picked up the last five puzzles of my collection at Fantasia. I should’ve picked them up Saturday but I was struck down by the Flue a week ago getting out the door was not high on my priority list. I asked the friendly owner if had anymore Aladdin prints in store. He thinks he had but wasn’t able to find in his 40+ boxes. He promised to look next time. I did see a very nice print of Belle and Beast feeding birds plus many classic Disney characters from the good old days including a cute Lady and the Tramp image.

Well that concludes my Aladdin puzzle collection, all except one are framed. Turns out I forgot the one with Aladdin and Genie in the came of wonders. Oh well it can be framed later. I’ve got my sights set on two more puzzles on Ebay. Jafar caught and Al and Jas at Aladdin’s hovel . Actually I noticed it’s getting harder to find good quality Aladdin puzzles on the Web, it can’t be that I have all the good ones can it?

Once they’re hanging I shoot a few photos.