The Kiss by Tony Fucile and Alan Menken


I don’t have one favorite moment in Aladdin. There are simply to many scenes that I love. One of them is the Kiss. It has romance, beautiful music, there’s even a bit of humor when Carpet pushed Aladdin up against Jasmine’s lips. As if to say, Come on already, kiss! Very romantic *grabs tissue*

I watched the kiss a few times last night, English track, Dutch track, director comment track and animator track. Someone mentioned Tony Fucile animated this sequence. I would love to see rough sketches from his hand.
Naturally I wanted to know more about him. IMDB credits him for Oliver, Mermaid, TLK and Hunchback at Disney.

My Fair Aladdin @ YouTube

After Aladdin embarrasses himself at an official dinner Iago gives him advice how to behave cultured. Jasmine, however, is not impressed by the improved Aladdin and when Mechanicles enters stage with his latest diabolical invention Aladdin has to get a grip before Mecs turns the desert into glass.

The plan was to upload Seems Like Old Crimes part 1 Saturday but sync problems, the sound was ahead of the picture, delayed the episode. I wanted to upload the part this morning but was caught up in a beautiful but sad fanfic about Al and Jas having relation problems. I needed to finish it before going to work, barely made depature time.
The story kept occupy my mind thru out the day and gave me the urge to upload an Al/Jas episode. First I thought I could get away with SLOC but that episode is more about Al and his past then Aladdin and Jasmine then My Fair Aladdin came to mind as it was one of the first episodes I’ve seen.

Episode is removed due to copyright violation

What do you hang on the bathroom door in 07?

What do we, Aladdin fans, hang on the bathroom door next year? We can choose between various calendars from the Disney Princess line and even some regular Disney ones.

Disney Princess 2007 calendars
1 16 month DP 07 calandar
2 The Mini one disneyprincess_calendermini.jpg
3 One from Japan disneyprincess_calender07_japan.jpg
4 Scrapbook disneyprincess_calender07scrapbook.jpg
5 Standing disneyprincess_calender07_standing.jpg
6 Funshaped disneyprincess_calender07_funshaped.jpg
Regular Disney 2007 calenders
1 Jasmine cover Sorry no image
2 Magical Memories calendar0_magicalmemories.jpg

All calendars except the Jasmine cover one are avaiable on various online stores, online auctions and probably local stores as well.

Not one, but three movies experienced today

Ariel cameo in Return of Jafar

I was going to watch the trilogy on Saturday and go out photographing into the polder today. But dad kept being a pain and wanted me to go with him after he was done with the groceries where done. So and the end I had a great time on the countryside away from the busy and crowed city. Starting 11.30 sharp I watched Aladdin. Then The Return of Jafar back to back.

Aladdin was a blast to watch as always there’s really nothing to say more other then I want to see it in widescreen someday. We still have a classic television with a tube since the late nineties as long as it works and the flat screen TV are too expensive there’s nothing I can do about. I do however have serious plans to throw the VCR and DVD player out soon in favor of a hard disc DVD recorder so I can save the episodes next time the series is in reruns.


Good, now I haven’t seen RoJ in quite a while.. I didn’t see it before but since I watch allot of episodes lately the high animation quality of RoJ is noticeable. Oh and a new Disney reference, Genie is Ariel in the ship wreck Jafar zaps in the throne room. See picture. After an hour break I put Aladdin and the King of Thieves in. A couple of things I noticed, there’s a Indiana Jones-like feeling with the quest for the Hand of Midas. And I saw the turtle on the secret entrance in the thief’s’ den and the rug Cassim shows to Aladdin. With every viewing the music gets better and better by Carl Johnson and Mark Watters. The final wedding always makes me sad as it closes the trilogy.

The Pharaoh’s Curse and Greedy in Agrabah

I got two more comics in the mail today, The Pharaoh’s Curse and Greedy in Agrabah both well written and drawn stories. Known here as De Vloek van de Farao and De Onderwereld van Agrabah. Greedy in Agrabah is the better of the two so I review Greedy first.

The plot revolves around Oso the Sly, a kid who thinks he can outsmart Aladdin only to be caught and out smarted by the clever Aladdin. Then Os, Aladdin and Abu are taken to Allemine the slug a notorious and ruthless gang leader. It appears Oso refused an invitation to join the gang of crooks and he is punished by being food for a giant spider with an appetite. Al and Abu are thrown in the same pit of justice as Oso accomplishes.

Thanks to some clever thinking of the street wise guys they escape the thieves lair. A while later Oso seeks Aladdin’s help, the thieves and spider are after him. He can’t eat or sleep without taking the risk of being either killed by the bad guys ore eaten by the monster. After Genie took care of spidey the gang plus Oso go back to Allemine the slug. His right hand Achmed and his helpers want to over throw Allemine. In return Oso is free to go and the thieves stay straight.

The story focus on Aladdin and his ability to out smart each and everyone. Oso is an interesting character as Al takes him under his wings teaching the young kid a thing of two. Jasmine has a few lines here and there but she’s mostly on the background just like Genie and the others. The bad guys are blend, just the same regular scum of Agrabah’s underworld. The giant spider is the most interesting villain for the story. Where did he originated from and how did it end up with Allemine? Are some of the unanswered questions of Greedy. Is it related to the friendly eight legged animals from “Web of Fear?”

In The Pharaoh’s Curse Abu steals a curse artifact from an old woman who later explains she stole it from a treasure that once belong an long death faro Rama Tut. It turns out he was one of Genie’s previous masters. He wished the curse and treasure plus a guardian to keep it safe. If the artifact known as the ankh of rama tut would be taken from the pyramid anyone who touches it gets old fast. With Carpet’s help Aladdin and Abu enter the pyramid avoiding all kinds of trap ranging from spears to trap doors and falling ceilings. Aladdin reverses the curse and falls in the arms of Jasmine back in Agrabah.

I like most about Pharaohs curse is it shows the power of relation Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship. The fact that Jasmine is willing to be cursed as well if that means she can spend her remaining time with Aladdin proofs how strong and true their love is. It remind me of the tragic fate of Jas in “Eye of the Beholder”. I recall Aladdin was willing to spend the rest of his life as a serpent if that meant he could be together with Jasmine. Another vivid situation was in King of Thieves when Aladdin just helped Cassim escape and Aladdin turned around to face the consequences of his actions. But their relation plays a big part in why I’m a fan in the first place. I’ve seldom seen such a strong love, trust, connection and friendship between too cartoon characters. The more that in the universe they appear in is generally aimed and kids who aren’t (very) interested in the mushy stuff. They want to see action and humor not the romance. And when I read comments on the eps at YouTube from people who saw the series when they where kids they always talk about humor and Jasmine kicking butt and the various bad guys but I’ve not seen comments on Al and Jas as a couple. Here’s hoping teens and tweens who are rediscovering the Aladdin universe will appreciate the adult aspects.