Blue-Ray Aladdin

Disney increases their support for the one next generation in optical disc storage method known as the Blue-Ray disc. The company is beefing up their Second Golden Age films including Mermaid, Beauty, Aladdin and The Lion King for Blue-Ray release in the future. There’s a promo of Disney’s upcoming titles on the Pirates of Caribbean 2 DVD.

Would a beefed up platinum edition really add so much to the viewing experience? I would if it Isn’t better to wait until Aladdin gets a real high-def release with all the bells and whistles in any format that’s the standard at the time.

Though I love the bonus on the DVD I feel it could have used more development artwork, more deleted sequences. More rough animation peculiarly from Jafar scenes, Andrea Deja is a master with a pencil. And I know there’s allot of unused audio footage from Robin Williams. It is said he ad-libbed hours of unused martial. I hope Disney puts that on the next re-release of Aladdin.
Though I am glad to see Disney doesn’t wait and see what happens with the next gen video format like they did when DVD but goes in full force. But, I am not going to spend money on any High-Def format player for quite a while. I just replaced my VCR with a Panasonic DVD recorder two weeks ago and am very, very happy with the machine that I expect to last for at least 5 years.

I just completed the first two DVD’s with Aladdin episodes from my tapes. I’ve been transferring my collection to the DVD-rec harddrive and prepped them for DVD. To avoid confusion I mean the Dutch translated episodes aired on TV I recorded over the years.

Andre and Jorden AWNW cover video

I’ve mentioned not that long ago that singer Peter Andre and his celebrity wife Katie Price Jorden where recording a cover on A Whole New World for the holidays. They released the album this week under the obvious name “A Whole New World.” The video is on YouTube and the single in stores now.

Personally I don’t think it’s good actually I think it’s terrible not only can’t she sing, he isn’t that good either by the way, they remixed the beautiful melody by Alan Menken to a bland mold that everyone and their dog can write. Simply put: it’s bad.