NL series DVD covers

NL Series dvd cover

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve made a list of my Dutch language Aladdin series collection I recorded over the years. I’ve 13 tapes with 1 to 5 episodes the oldest episodes are dating back to 1996. I know this because the channel most episodes where taped from changed their name that year. Minus the doubles I’ve exactly 50 episodes in my native tongue that I much more than the 30 or so I expected to have. I’ve to note that some episodes are missing parts at the beginning and end but not much ranging from a few seconds to about a minute. I needed that list in order to figure out how many DVD’s I needed to fit them on in the uncompressed MPEG format a standard DVD is composed off.
Well I came out at 9 DVD’s with 3 to 6 episodes each and am currently designing covers for them. They aren’t state of the art but I’m not a very good designer something I regret once in a while.

I’m doing this project because for one simple reason, no official series DVD is to be expected from Disney. When the Aladdin series finally gets a DVD release I know the Disney Company only will do a for region 1 release and only with the English soundtrack. Hopefully Aladdin returns on TV next year and I can add the missing episodes to my collection.

A Carpet Full of Christmas

Disney never really marketed Aladdin with Christmas logically because unlike fairy tales set in Europe the Agrabarians don’t celebrate Christmas. On one hand that’s a miss but on the other hand it makes what is available extra special.

Back when Aladdin was still hot at Disney Marketing they licensed Sierra Leone to make a series of eight Aladdin Christmas stamps in 1997. I purchased six of them years ago through Ebay. They have been stored away for years until someone mentioned them again, that gave me the idea to scan them. Behold number one,

A Carpet Full of Christmas, Greetings from Aladdin and Jasmine

A Carpet Full of Christmas