It’s coloring time Aladdin-style!

I get many hits from people who are coloring pages in one way or another. While I can’t provide more myself, the rare Princess coloring books I saw in stores either don’t carry Jasmine or include boring standard artwork of our arabian beauty. ZZZZZZZZZ. But my motto regarding Aladdin is, you ask we deliver, if possible.

So before reading my rant about the quality of coloring pages check out the following posts with coloring pages first, that’s why you clicked on this link in the first place right.

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I crossed paths with They have a whole page with 53 Aladdin coloring pages ranging from good to hideous. There are hundreds of websites that carry coloring pages so why did I choose to promote Because yes that site has the usual crap coloring pages such as Jasmine with feathers and Jasmine looking weird in her garden but it also has black and white images I’ve not seen before such as Aladdin and Jasmine on the rooftop and Jasmine’s mirror reflection plus 5 or 6 new coloring pages. At least I haven’t seen them before.

As with all coloring pages at Streetrat these are high quality pictures To print them click the thumbnail then use the brower’s printer function to print it. Normally that means clicking right and selecting “print picture”