Disney On Ice Princess Classics Review

Like every Disney on Ice show, Princess Classics opens with Minnie and Mickey. They welcome the audience and introduce the show’s theme. Then Mickey leaves and Minnie skate around 7 male skaters each holding a princess symbol. Genie’s Lamp for Jasmine, Apple for Snow White, Glass Slipper for Cinderella, Sea Shell for Ariel, a sword for Mulan, the enchanted rose for Belle and a spinning wheel for Aurora. Then the skaters and Minnie leave to ice to make room for the first princess.


To my excitement Jasmine is the first princess. After Jasmine expressed her wish to be free the princess of Agrabah left the ice and Aladdin with Abu enters . For the first time in 10.000 giving him a crick in the neck Genie is quickly set free from the lamp. Carpet makes a brief appearance. Apparently the Aladdin and Jasmine meeting had already taken place before the show. Because Aladdin wishes to be a prince. Genie does he thing leaving into the first showstopper of the evening. A superb and catchy Prince Ali showstopper complete with elephant Abu gets the audience in the mood specially the little ones.
When Jasmine is not amused Aladdin turns to Genie from help who tells his young master it’s best to be himself. Naturally Aladdin doesn’t listen and steps on Carpet, a plate connected to the ceiling by wires, lifting him up to Jasmine standing on top of the palace. The palace would transform with each movie passing into that princess castle, when it isn’t needed the castle is hidden behind a round screen. Jasmine is impressed, as she should be, and they go on a carpet ride high above the ice via a rail system. Carpet lands and the couple skate on a slightly altered A Whole New World before boarding Carpet again and disappearing into the castle to make room for Sleeping Beauty.


Opening with the three fairies fighting over the color of Aurora’s dress the audience is introduced to this classic movie where Aurora meets Prince Phillip and skate a beautiful cur before she’s put to sleep by the evil Maleficent’s curse.


With Aurora sound asleep the show goes under the sea for another showstopper song. Under The Sea with an acrobatic Sebastian next Ariel skates on Part of Your World before seeing Eric. Then Ursula comes on gives Ariel legs and takes her voice. The show skips half the movie and goes right to the point where Eric is about to kiss the mermaid when the sea witch spoils all the fun. Somehow Ariel is cursed a sleeping making room for the next movie.

Mulan and Belle

Mulan who does some fancy skating as Ping and a beautiful cur as herself. The Mulan segment is one of the shortest of the show but not as short as Belle’s. The French girl enters in the dark from behind the tribune close to where I was sitting. Despite the dark I recognized her. She steps onto the ice and performs her cur with Beast. Gaston enters and stabs the poor Beast he escapes up the castle before falling to his death. Beast dies near the central entrance surrounded by smoke to hide the switch effect. The Beast actor leaves to make room for another actor portraying the Prince who hides under a dummy Beast costume. It’s the same technique used in The Beauty and the Beast on Ice show a few years ago.
As usual everyone on the show are solid performers doing all kinds of tricks with ease and grace I don’t see any celebrity do. Great admiration for these people but also the costume department, each princess outfit looks like it comes straight from the movie. All six princesses return at the end of the show as honored guests for Cinderella’s wedding each dressed in gorgeous wedding dresses. The dresses are white versions of their usual outfit except for Belle who wears her yellow dress.

Snow White

The last show sequence before the break is from Snow White. The seven dwarfs do their thing before Snow White performs. Next the prince is introduced, then the queen comes on and asks the famous question to her mirror before leaving. When the Old Hag later offers Snow the apple she asks the audience if she should bite. All the kids yell no but of course the princess doesn’t listen and ends up in a deep sleep. This is almost the end or part 1 but not before all the girls and their partners come together for the final. Starting with Belle and Beast they go to a sleeping Aurora who is awaked by her prince in the right corner close to my seat. Then it’s Ariel’s turn in the left corner and finally Snow White wakes up by the prince at the castle. Joined by Jasmine and Aladdin plus Mulan and Shang the break is announced by Mickey and Minnie.

The whole second half retells Cinderella’s story complete with Evil stepsisters, step-mom, a funny Grand Duke, the mice including Gus and Jaq, the prince, a beautiful performing Cinderella and of course the fairy godmother. As they had more time than the other story’s Cinderella was an extensive re-telling of the classic film including all the songs.


Princess Classics is the best Disney on Ice show I’ve seen in years since I started going to Beauty and the Beast on Ice about 5 years ago. The original Dutch voices where used when possible, the skaters where excellent. I appreciate the skaters even more after watching celebrities struggling on TV for months. In the past the pro’s on Disney On Ice make it all seem to easy even got a bit boring doing the same elements every show. In Princess Classics they kept the spins to a minimum though a few reprises of the layback spin where done by most princesses. I have no idea what all the elements are called and have to look them up. I guess allot are made up for the show but a few I recognized . For example Aladdin and Jasmine did a very low and fast Death Spiral and she was lifted high a few times. The other girls did similar elements each princess having her own unique element with her prince. In conclusion I regret Disney On Ice is only once a year. I love to go two or three times throughout the year. On the other hand I’ve something to look forward to and be excited about for next year. Truly magical I’m going to watch the big six princess movies this Christmas. I already saw Snow White and Cinderella today. Tomorrow Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid ending the 26th with Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.