Licensing Jasmine

Chris Harding, animator, Comic artist and animation fan recently ranted about the misuse and abuse of an artist’s creation by marketing departments who allow that character to be put on every product known to man. As long as it brings in cash, no matter how bad the quality may be what hurts that character’s public opinion and that indirectly influences the creators company public opinion.
In one of his examples he refers to the Disney Princess line by Disney Consumer Products. That ties directly into how and other fans complain the way Disney licenses Jasmine in the Disney Princess line. As I probably wrote earlier I think Disney Consumer Products should market Jasmine, and the rest of the princess gang the way they originally were created. In the case of Jas, Belle and Ariel as strong, kick-ass woman and not as poor little rich girls who are only concerned with make-up and hair. The way Disney Consumer Products view the classic 3 princess but mostly refers to Snow White.

In defense of Snow, she wasn’t afraid to get dirty. She cooked or cleaned for the seven dwarfs. Cinderella was forced to keep that immense house clean and take care of her step-mother and step-sisters alone and un-appreciated. Aurora lived her whole life in the forest walking on bare feet not afraid to get sore and dirty feet. Ariel swims around in the ocean going on all kinds of dangerous adventures willing to give her live under the sea for a whole new world, excuse the puns please. Belle didn’t get dirty in Beauty and the Beast or it’s sequels though I recall her chopping wood in Enchanted Christmas but she a dreamer and wants more in live then living in boring village. Jasmine was also willing to give up her perfect life as the daughter of a powerful and wealthy sultan for a live on the dangerous streets of the city.

It wouldn’t hurt to draw the girls in their original outfits either and draw their faces on-model. Example, those magnets I got a while back Belle and Cinderella are twin sisters. And its the “new” way the princesses are drawn, colorful and with their castle in the background. Compare that to the way they used to be drawn on all the on Ebay

This is why I’m very selective on what I buy from the Disney Princess line, it has to portray Jasmine in an original pose and it has to be functional. Those magnets I bought to use them or that postcard was useful to make a wallpaper of it. When it comes to Aladdin merchandise I follow these guide lines

1 It needs to have a collectors value
2 Be useful/interesting
3 Can’t be too expensive.

This why I don’t buy dolls, no value because I don’t own dolls. not interesed, price tag does not apply because of earlier reasons. But I am willing to spend cash on puzzles/a>, collecters value because I own many, can be put on display, cheap