Agrabah Returns!


Disney Princess Enchanted Tales is a continuation of Disney Princess Stories, while Stories contained old episodes from the Aladdin Series, Enchanted Tales has all new direct-to-DVD quality animation of Princess Jasmine and her friends. Previously the first volume was announced to star Belle and Aurora in new stories and was set for a fall 2006 release. For reasons unknown this release was delayed a year. Now in the January issue of the U.S. Princess Magazine an advertisement for a September release of ET with Aurora and instead of Belle, Jasmine!

Aladdin from Agrabah: “Yay! Jasmine! I always liked her better than Belle. That means…oh my God…new ALADDIN animation……… Agrabah returns! I think I’m gonna faint…”

Not counting Jasmine’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2 because it’s a video game Enchanted Tales will be the first time we’ll see Jasmine in an animated form since the House of Mouse TV series ended in 2002.

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Aladdin Teaser Trailer

I found an Aladdin trailer at YouTube that I hadn’t seen before. The uploader says it’s from Beauty and the Beast, it must the U.S release then, because the Dutch release includes a shortened version of Aladdin’s teaser trailer. This ‘new’ trailer includes footage from the makers, I recognized Glen, Ron & John and Andreas. I think we see Kathy Altieri working on a background painting and Ed Gombert walking through a storyboard sequence. Even Jeffery Katzenberg is shown listing to John Musker telling something about the Sultan. I’ve shared the Dutch shorter version last summer.

Aladdin Teaser Trailer

Aladdin Theatrical Trailer