Fanart Central

Since it’s been very quiet at DeviantArt qua Aladdin fanart I looked elswhere for a doze. My digital paths lead me to Fanart Central.
With over 80 art pieces mostly Jasmine in one pose or another. With mentioning are a piece of Mirage and Chaos and Muktar (the genie hunter from the ep The Hunted).

It’s crystal clear on the keys

I don’t have much time to write this week, moving to a new work location but I am returning to a 32 hour work week with one day off instead of a 36h-5-day-week last month. I still want to write the second part of my Music Behind The Magic review, as it is such a wonderful piece or Aladdin merchandise. *sigh*

Anyway MartinJelo uploaded his version of A Whole New World on the piano. Vid is very dark but the performance was nice. Maybe an idea to look all the piano video’s up and compare them in a future post.