Rare duvet covers from Thailand

Hard to find duvet cover with Aladdin pattern

During the height of Aladdin’s SE promotional campaign I picked up 2 duvet covers sets and a good quality duvet. It was the best purchase of 2004 because one I needed new bedding. Two I sleep warmer and more comfortable then under my old worn 10 year old blankeds. See Year’s First Merchandise for pictures. Since then I bought a few regular duvet covers with regular patterns. But secretly, I wanted more Aladdin duvet covers. Anyone who looks at Aladdin duvet covers on Ebay will notice the boring uninspring prints. One has an Abu, Iago. Genie and Aladdin print for boys and the girls cover has a Jasmine and Rajah is print.
Last night I came across an Ebay store run by iamsiamz selling the cutest cartoon duvet covers I’ve seen. Including three Aladdin covers and two Princess covers with Jas for under 10 US dollars!
The presentation is excellent, notice the little Aladdin statues on the side table and bed.

Unfortunality the store is in Thailand, the best merchandise comes from the Orient, and that means shipping ranges from 17 to 30 dollars. Following my guide lines

1 It needs to have a collectors value
2 Be useful/interesting
3 Can’t be too expensive. Making a purchase not worth it.

It has collectors value, hard to find. It is useful but too expensive. Notice that shipping costs are 3 times higher than the items price. Making a purchase not worthly at the end. It’s a shame. -:(