Het Grote Disney Verkleedboek

Het Grote Disney Verkleedboek

Traditional kids dress up at carneval and Halloween. Dressing up as a Disney character has always been very populair. No wonder Disney jumped on the wagon with mass produced expensive customes ranging from Ariel to Winnie the Pooh. Though I’m sure kids love costumes from a store. I imagine home-made costumes by Mom, Aunt or Grannie are fun because the child can be invloved in the making of it and improve the design beyond the possibilties of mass produced costumes.

Aladdin Special Edition owners probably remember the Jasmine costume made for Halloween by Mark Henns sister Beth. Great admiration for making “Jasmine” without a pattern using the movie as her only reference. In the 14 years since then I take it thousands other mommies made their daughters a Jasmine costume using the animated feature film Jasmine as a reference. But I can only guess many other mommies couldn’t or had a diffecult making Jasmine’s outfit without a (detailed) pattern.

Mark Henn sister Beth and her daughter dressed as Jasmine

For those family members lacking that creative talent, at least the ones in Netherlands, can use the guides in “Het Grote Disney Verkleedboek”. Hunderd pages thick, the book has patterns for 33 Disney costumes including Aladdin and Jasmine.

The Febuari issue of woman magazine Knipmode previews the book using Aladdin and Jasmine costumes. The magazine is, of course, only available in kiosks around the country. The magazine’s website has a preview, to give an impression of the quality and skill level needed to re-create the costumes.