My Three Dads

UncleEd wrote on Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:01 am in Premiere of The Little Mermaid the Musical at Ultimate Disney

My favorite one of the family relationships was how Aladdin had 3 fathers. In the Marvel comics there was a story where he went back in time and unknowingly met his mother. I think her name was Xenia. I forget the dad’s name but it seems like it was something generic like Hamed, which is also Jasmine’s father’s name.

The second Aladdin father was the strangest and later covered up. In an episode of the series a villain called Mosenwrath revealed he and Aladdin were brothers and that Jafar was their father!! This segment was cut in reairings after the 3rd film was announced.

Then there is the Aladdin dad we all know from Aladdin & the King of Thieves.

I’m pretty familiar with the Mattel comics. But don’t know them all still,I should’ve heard something about that in the all the years I’m active in the community. Hamed is the founder of Agrabah and Jasmine’s ancestor in the episode “Lost and Founded.” In the cut song reprise “Arabian Nights” Howard Ashman did sing about Sultan Hamed but that song belonged in a different version of the feature film and shouldn’t be considered canon.

I did hear about the rumors Moz and Al where supposed to be brothers in a second sequel film but that idea was dropped when Robin returned to do Genie. The sibling idea did get a foothold in a fanfic or two. Conclusion, (s)he mixes up facts and makes facts up.