Ilia Kulik skates on “Aladdin”

During the previous two weeks the Euro champs figure skating where held in Warsaw, Poland and broadcasted live by Eurosport. Not that I’m a fan but I do enjoy watching it now and then. I admire specially the daring and hard curs the pairs beating every celebirty.

It ties indirectly in with the ice champions performing tricks, moved and stunts in the Disney on Ice shows touring around the world all year. The same goes to those incredible talents and medal winners that skated in Disney TV ice skating specials like Fantasy on Ice and Michelle Kwan skates on Disney´s Greatest Hits.

One such athlete is Russian born Ilia Kulik. In the video below he does his thing on instrumental parts from Aladdin
´s soundtrack. The YouTube user also had Ilia´s kur on the 1996 World Championshop.