You’re A Gazzele!

Checking out the Wikipedia entry for Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, after watching Dreamworks best animated feature produced in it’s 13 year existence, lead me to the blog of one David Nethery hosted at He posted a bit about 21st Century Animation Desk. I heard that today’s animators animate with a tablet PC and a special digital pen but I’ve never seen pictures of someone using until now.

Turned out he’s an animator with a long Disney feature career in his résumé. Wanting to know if he has Aladdin connections I found my way to his online résumé. where I found clips from Brother Bear, Lilo and Stitch and The Little Mermaid. With the exception of Beauty and the Beast, Hercules and Hunchback David worked on all Disney feature films since The Little Mermaid. Sadly he was led go from the Studio in 2003 and is now working on a video game on a freelance basis. Figuring that if he’s been working for Disney since Mermaid chances are big he contributed to Aladdin as well.

David Nethery was assistant animator for “Aladdin” under the supervision of Bill Berg. The movies credits say he did the breakdown together with 10 other animators. On his blog he mentions Aladdin once in relation with Hirschfield.

Connect to David Nethrey’s “You’re A Gazelle”

Agrabah’s Enemies and Iago’s Birdcage updated

I fixed the broken videos in Agrabah’s Enemies Video Gallery The solution was simple, I only needed to add the full path on the right line.

While I was add it I did some long overdue maintance on Iago’s Birdcage. I hadn’t taken a look at it since last August, shame on me. The majority of the work lies in the Image Gallery.

    I added 7 fresh images from my archives.

  • Replaced the ugly image popup script with a high-tech solution. Lightbox is the same script I use for the galleries at the blog.
  • Streetrat’s RSS feed displays the last 3 posts on the homepage.

I want to replace some of the lowest quality images with better ones sometime and maybe I add a few new sound clips. A few more avatars should no be a problem as well.

The Sims 2: Princess Nursery with Jasmine

The Sims 2: Disney Princess kids bedroom

bienchen83 at modthesims 2 uploaded a Disney Princess recolor of her “Far From Perfect” nursery/bedroom for your young sims. The set includes around 70 items! Varying from cribs & beds to many many ways to decorate the room including toys, lights, various shelf items all it’s to many to list. All objects are made by the forum member self. I believe she used scanned pictures from DP Hallmark cards and corporate it things like bedding, wallpapers and painting(s).