Fanart Apprication Week: Monday Mermaids

This week, Monday March 5 – Sunday March 11, I will showcase fanart hence the name. It is my way of saying thank you to those who are gifted with the ablity to draw Aladdin characters to help remind people of Aladdin. Like someone wrote

“It took me a long time because I haven’t seen the movie in ages, I didn’t even recconnize the names…. I should have, saw the movie like six times all those years ago…. yeah, Rajah helped.”

Jasmine is very populair if not the most populair subject in art pieces the choice was easy. For now I stick with art of Jasmine in anthropomorphism style ranging from mermaids, to felines to Vampires. I might or mightnot decide to do another fanart week concetrating on Aladdin and Jasmine couple poses or for example realistic character art.

Mermaid Jasmine by ~strawberrygina on deviantART

You want to take a peak at these pieces too:

Jasmine Mermaid collab
My hands are all pruny

Two Cute Jasmine & Rajah items from Ebay

First, a pillow with a detailed rich colored Jasmine and Rajah print. It’s part of the Disney Studio collection. I understand it’s a new line at the Disney Store shops with highly detailed images of Disney characters. The seller has Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice and Ariel items up for sell as well. Very nice and if a Disney Store would be available nearby I definitely would buy that pillow. Getting it from Ebay is just a tad too pricy for me sadly.

Second, a inflatable toy to play with by the kids. Fun to play at the swimming pool. Judging by the print this item might come from the original Aladdin franchise that accompanied the cinema and video release in the 90’s. It’s yours for only 4 bucks plus shipping.