Fanart Apprication Week: Sunday Vampire

This week, Monday March 5 – Sunday March 11, I will showcase fanart hence the name. It is my way of saying thank you to those who are gifted with the ablity to draw Aladdin characters to help remind people of Aladdin. Like someone wrote

“It took me a long time because I haven’t seen the movie in ages, I didn’t even recconnize the names…. I should have, saw the movie like six times all those years ago…. yeah, Rajah helped.”

Jasmine is very populair if not the most populair subject in art pieces the choice was easy. For now I stick with art of Jasmine in anthropomorphism style ranging from mermaids, to felines to Vampires. I might or mightnot decide to do another fanart week concetrating on Aladdin and Jasmine couple poses or for example realistic character art.

Jasmine as Vampire by ~bellesandy on deviantART

You want to take a peak at these pieces too:

Vampire Cat Jasmine

“Agrabanian Women”

Agrabanian Women
They are all dressed in either full burkas or harem girl outfits. Oh yes, this movie doesn’t stereotype Arabs at all. While I’m on the subject of Agrabanians…lady jafaria

I noticed that too the other day everyone except Jasmine wear either burkas or veils. Anyway as there are little (cq none) blog dedicated to Aladdin, present company excepted, I figured if people comment on Prince_Ali’s always amusing live journal they must have some interest in the toon. And if that’s the case maybe they write about Aladdin that’s worth reading. I’m honest about this I really don’t care about someone’s personal lives if not. Main reason why I don’t post anything unrelated here.
Do you own or know a blog that’s worth checking and has an Aladdin connection ?