New Plugin: Theme Switcher

At least one of my loyal readers reported problems with the new layout. Since I didn’t create it myself I am not exactly sure what happened or how to prevent happening again. I found a temporarily solution by installing Theme Switcher plugin so my readers can switch to an older theme if they have problems with the current one or if they don’t like it what I can’t imagine.

You can choose between this theme “A Whole New World 2.0″, the original theme “Streetrat” or the default WordPress Theme.

In other site news, I am giving my fanlistings major overhauls this week. I completed my Carpet fanlisting I renamed So Move! and The Return of Jafar Fanlisting already. I specially happy with how ROJ FL turned out. Many thanks to the Ariel fanlisting I got the idea from. You might have noticed I made a new page, “Fan Of…” I dumped Flinx since it wasn’t being updated anymore. Enthusiast looked promising but didn’t want to go the same door with WordPress leaving the option of old fashioned manual coding labor the only option left.
I replaced and will replace death fanlistings with some new semi-aladdin related ones.

I plan to showcase fl’s soon.