Disney’s Aladdin Activity Center Review

Produced by Disney Interactive Disney’s Aladdin Activity Center is the first Aladdin themed educational PC title aimed at young children. It has mazes, puzzles and matching games to help children develop to exercise their memory and logic. A spelling game to exercise their spelling knowledge. And some general activities like connect the dots and several coloring options.

The game is divided up in four worlds, the marketplace, Cave of Wonders, the palace and the movie theater. All worlds all feature the same activities on three difficulties; say it in a slightly different version. So has the marketplace puzzle chopped up pictures from movies scenes taking place in and around the marketplace while the palace world puzzle has images from the palace like the famous balcony scene. It’s a miss that the pictures are not stills from the movie but rather simpler drawn recreations.

In the maze the player has to collect gems to open the exit on the other side. On the default easiest setting the maze is small with 2 gems while on the hardest level there are 4 gems in a big complex maze. It was fun for once but doesn’t have any replay value since the mazes are always the same. Random rendered mazes might have been too complex for the then standard PC hardware. Aladdin Activity Center - The Maze

Next up is memory, one of my favorite card games when I was little, like the maze is has three difficulty levels. Harder levels have more cards and each world has their unique set of cards. So have the marketplace daggers and swords while the Cave of Wonders features the cave and normal Genie. Aladdin Activity Center - Memory
If the player starts a memory game in the Palace they find cards like Sultan and regular Jasmine. I timer would’ve been fun so a high score list could be kept. Even without that feature the deck is rendered random so there’s enough replay value for a while.

The match game could be tricky on hardest difficulty because of the large number of alike items in a relative small screen. The always adventures marketplace uses birds all many different colors but two are the same, try to find it. The Cave has jewelry to match and the player can relax on soft colorful cushions in the palace. Fun, fun, fun! Aladdin Activity Center - Match

Spelling is fun with Genie in Aladdin’s Activity Center’s take on the always popular spelling game. Genie shows the child (or in this case adult) an object and he/she has to spell it using the alphabet on the bottom. Aladdin Activity Center - SpellingUnique objects on each world but most don’t relate directly to Aladdin. Not the best game on the disc.

Abu voiced by Frank Welker of course has another memory game for the player. It’s a basic music game where Abu plays a note and the player has to copy that in the right order. It’s fun and Abu is nicely animated, Abu waves you goodbye when you exit. Cute! The only difference between worlds is the setting, Abu, musical objects and everything else stays the same.
Aladdin Activity Center - Sound
The last but not least activity is coloring with Genie. Choose between 4 sub activities, 2 general coloring with pencil things, connect the dots, and flood fill by numbers like the classic painting with number paintings by Ravensburger. All together it’s 16 coloring pages to choose from. However since this is 1994 where talking here the images are low-res 350 x 215 pixels and will look very blocky when printed stretched across on A4/letter box paper. Better versions of the coloring pages as well as full colored pictures have been roaming the Internet since the late 90’s. They’re everywhere.
Aladdin Activity Center - Coloring
Major selling point was the inclusion of several clips from the movie including Jafar connecting the two halves of the scarab, Jasmine’s intro scene, Jasmine confronting Jafar, Aladdin finding the lamp and escaping the Cave of Wonders, A Whole New World and Prince Ali Reprise.

Conclusion, if your child is into Aladdin or a Disney Princess fanatic what is far more likely these days he/she will be busy with Aladdin Activity Center for a few hours. But if they’re not it’s a fun and educational way to get familiar with some of its characters.