pwnquin’s LJ Icons

LiveJournal user pwnquin posted about 30 Aladdin Icons on xlemonkissed last week. Most are pretty general and nothing that specteclur there are a few hits there.
16. puke, 22. Praise the Monkey and 29. Smug are my favs.
‘puke’ will be used as an avatar on Streetrat’s posts.

pwnquin livejournal abu aladdin icon
pwnquin livejournal abu jasmine icon
pwnquin livejournal abu icon


The T-Rex from Much Abu About Something hauntes a small mountain villaige. It’s up to Abu, the protector to defeat the monster. But not without the help of his friends Aladdin, Genie, Iago and Carpet. But Abu’s ideas how to defeat the creature with Aladdin’s. Resulting in a couple of major blunders including giving the dinosaur access the villiage.

At the end it’s Abu who saves the day by luring T-Rex to the edge of a mountain cliff so it falls do his doom almost taking the brave monkey with it.

Jasmine in front of her mirror wallpaper

Jasmine mirror promo image
In the early days of the online fandom some sites had this beautiful hi-res, for that time, picture of Jasmine in front of her mirror in her room. You’ll recognize this is the scene where a hypnotized Sultan tells Jasmine she’s to wed Jafar after the sultan’s daughter exploded at the trough of marrying HIM!

Anyway, I found it on my HD and wondered where it was from. It was obviously a promo image but not from the series of litho’s I’ve. The border looks like it might come from a Panini trading card. Or from the Panini sticker album without the logo and text I threw it under the scanner but the result wasn’t as sharp as I hoped for. At the end I grabbed the image directly from the DVD and snapped together wallpaper.

I’m still looking for that card, could some one who has it tell me where it’s from? Then I might find it on Ebay.

Jasmine in front of her mirror wallpaper