‘I’m more then a peacock princess’

Jasmine first animated song in her own universe “I’m More then a peacock princess’ (from Enchanted Tales vol. 1) since Aladdin and King of Thieves is now available as a sneak peak at Disneyprincessenchantedtales.com. Thanks to the heads up by Spike.

Besides Jasmine Iago gets a few lines to sing, we see Abu, Carpet, Sultan and Rajah appearing plus some new characters, a painter, some kids and a white horse Jasmine seems to be taming. Everyone except Aladdin and Genie.

You will notice Jasmine looks of model and sometimes acts out of character. He out of character acting is mostly noticeable when she says ´peacock´ in that ridicules dress. And I always believed she looks in good in anything, I was wrong. Further along she acts strange in the wink moment and when she does that silly dance. Besides those quirks the animation look pretty well, backgrounds and color scheme closely resembles the original movie.

I´m as super excited as I was when it was announced that Jasmine would feature her own cartoon still I´m mildly excited. Disney could’ve waited with Jasmine until the end of the Enchanted Tales line as they usually do with Jasmine in the Disney Princess line.
But if I had to choose between a Aladdin series season 1 set or Disney Princess Enchanted Tales volume 1 you bet your thingy that I will go for the series.