Glen Keane losing Rapunzel?

Update: 15 April 2007
Meanwhile through Laughingplace the news came that Glen Keane got a co-director in the form of Dean Williams, a former Treasure Planet animator who cooperated with Glen on Treasure Planet.

Mid-March 2007 Jim Hill shed some light on Rapunzel, you know the CG movie Glen Keane has been working on for five years. Jim writes that Glen and his story team have till June to deliver a final storyline for Rapunzel that John Lasseter and his co-exces like enough to greenlight animation.

Besides mentioning known facts about Glen Keane’s animation experiments Jim Hill shares insights on how Disney needed to hold on to one of their top animators still on they’re payroll making Glen a keyfactor in proofing Disney too can pull off a to CG animated film and not just Pixar.

It scared me is what could happen if Glen can’t presue John Lasseter the film will be good enough. Worst case scenarios, kill the movie or take the project away from Glen and risk that their best animator pick up his pencils and walk away. Even though I would feel sad for Glen being his pet project taken away I hope he joins Ron and John on Frog Princess.

I’ve an idea, it might be a downgrade but if Andreas can protect Bambi. Wouldn’t Glen become artistic supervisior at Disney Consumer Products so he can protect his ‘girls’ from being screwed up.

Oh and the article is littered with beautiful Rapunzel artwork, nothing we haven’t seen before but that makes it not any less beautiful. I do most mention that Jim Hill is know for yelling fire when there’s only smoke, you know what I mean.