Find the Differences – Aladdin and Jasmine

I loved playing Find the Differences when I was a child, still do by the way. –:) I remember my parents and relatives bought me quite a few puzzles and play books full for coloring pages, simple puzzles and games like this.

Actually if Aladdin would’ve made 10 years earlier and premiered in 1992 it would’ve been what Transformers to me is now. A great cartoon I loved watching as a kid, Aladdin would’ve been my hero instead of Optimus Prime; Jafar is the coolest bad guy in a cartoon instead of Megatron. And instead of a closet full of Transformer toys I would’ve played with cool sets like The Cave of Wonders or Final Battle. Combine my Aladdin toys with He-Man and do a Hercules-like crossover between Aladdin and He-Man. Going head to head against the master of evil Skeletor with Aladdin while Jasmine takes up misters of wrong doing Evil-Lynn.

He-Man - Masters of the Universe VS Aladdin - Hero of Agrabah

Skeletor - Master of all Evil VS Jafar - Badguy with nice accent

But I’m drifting, back to Find the Difference. You’ll understand that when a fun childhood game cross paths with my fandom sooner or later I’ve to do something with that. So while going through my Aladdin stuff for something to scan I found this game in the November 2005 Disney Princess Magazine issue. I have previously scanned the cover, coloring page and center poster for your entertainment.

And no I’m going giving you the solution. I will say this, there are six differences.

Disney Princess Magazine issue 11 2005 Find the Differences