Princess Jasmine coloring pages from Disney Princess colorrama coloring book

There are many more wonderful and unique Aladdin coloring pages in the coloring page category. Every exclusive back and white picture is displayed in the coloring page gallery. There are over 50 pictures ready for you to for print and color with a new one being added on regular basis.

Disney Princess Jasmine coloring page 1Disney Princess Jasmine coloring page 2

My mom let me scan 2 Jasmine coloring pages that aren’t on any other website. Certainly not on the so-so sites that claim to have unique and exclusive pictures to color to only present the visitor with standard and old images that are on every other website. Well, not here.. The first page shows a cute pose of Jasmine dancing with a veil and second one has Jasmine and Aladdin hugging and holding hands. Anyway so my mother bought the book for a friends little girl. Her mom often takes the little girl with her when she comes over. The little 1-year old girl isn’t really into Disney yet, she likes Dumpa and Miffy more plus her coloring talent has yet to surface, if you know what I mean. But all in good time until then Disney Princess Colorrama coloring book is stored in a save place. I love the cute lamp in the corner, it’s a gimmic that ran throughout the book. Each princess has their symbol. It reminded me of the Disney Classics on Ice opening where a male ice-skater carried each princess symbol. As with all coloring pages at Streetrat these are high quality easy printable pictures Just click the thumbnail then use your browser’s printer function to print it. Normally that means clicking right and selecting “print picture”. Then hit the Print button if all settings are set correctly.