Abis Mal

Abis Mal1If there would be an award for the most stupid thief it should go to Abis Mal. Once leader a gang of thieves Abis Mal’s first encounter with ‘that Aladdin’ was when the streetrat, his monkey and rugmen stole Abis loot. Aladdin fought bravely and escape with flair. A while later, Mal’s where about to terminate their leader when Abis Mal found a lamp in a well. Rubbing it Abis unknowingly freed Jafar, the spectacular entrance send the bandits running for their lives. Next the thief makes a deal with the powerful genie, he will wish Jafar free if he gets all the gold in the world. First things first, get rid of Aladdin. A genius plan unfolds.

Iago destroyed Jafar’s lamp. As for Abis Mal, when he and Aladdin fell down the balcony his collar kept hanging on a tree branch This took place in Return of Jafar, starting Abis Mal’s career as Aladdin’s most annoying enemy.