Al Muddi

Al Muddi1The Al Muddi live underground, they’re from head to toe mud. They’re favorite food is human, as a late afternoon snack. Aladdin and his friends fall into their muddy hands on their way back from a trading mission.

They stumble upon a beautiful oasis with lakes, trees even a rainbow. Going for a swim our heroes are sucked down by a whirlpool into an underground river. When they finally strand on a pile of mud they have their first encounter with the Al Muddi.
The Al Muddi are quickly taken care off by dropping a boulder unto them. Then a chase through the underground tunnels follow. The heroes finally escape on walking-table Genie and bobsled Genie. They’re now in a huge cave with at the end a palace. The Al Muddi sultan invites them for dinner.
The Menu.
Carpet soup with a taste of Abu.
Spaghetti a la Aladdin & Jasmine.
Genie ice with Iago sauce.

Aladdin escapes by making the mud sultan believe that there’s a spice growing on the surface that’s so delicious he never would want to eat anything else. With the help of Carpet Aladdin comes back to the Al Muddi palace. Together with    Jasmine, Iago, Abu and Genie Aladdin and Carpet he flies back to the surface. The Al Muddi sultan chase him till he dries out in the sun.

In the second episode the Al Muddi try to take over the palace while Aladdin and Jasmine are having a date. The creature tagged along on Iago’s feathers after Team Aladdin fought a group of Al Muddi in the desert earlier that day.
When Iago took a bath the Al Muddi came to life again. His great appetite forced him to go out and find food, he prefers Iago tail feathers then a fried chicken and after that anything he can get.
It’s up to Genie, Iago and Abu to keep them out of Aladdin’s sight. That is, Iago and Abu want to get Aladdin but Genie says he can deal with the little Al Muddi himself. But the mud creature grows at every meal. Until finally Aladdin and Jasmine discover the Al Muddi but Genie throws it in the fountain down in the garden. Thinking he got rid of it once and for all. But the Al Muddi multiplies in the water and soon an army marches through the palace. The gang sees the roof as their last save ground when just in time Genie comes up with a plan to destroy them all at once. He goes to the frozen north to collect an iceberg. He returns to Agrabah and freezes the Al Muddi army.