Sootini1Trapped into a black powder for who knows how long Sutanei, spelling is probably incorrect, slumbers for an eternity until Abis Mal burns some of it’s smoke. The little smoke demon convinces him that he can be useful, he can steal. So Abis Mal draws up a plan to spread the powder over Agrabah. At night, when the citizens go to sleep and add a little powder to their lamps to keep warm for the night little smoke demons are released and steal the people’s valuables delivering it to Abis Mal and Haroud.
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Nefir Hassenuf

Nefir Hassenuf1Nefir looks like a bird with bat wings and legs. He’s dressed
in Egyptian clothes, a blue and red turban with a snake up front.

If you thought Iago was greedy you haven’t met Nefir, he’s ten
times greedier. First he demolishes Getzestan, the Las Vegas of the seven deserts by giving Samir the Destroyer, a giant pink rhino dancing shoes. Then let his Imps rebuld the city again the next day and asks a ridicules amount of money. Till Aladdin and friends, minus our favorite princess, come along and deal with Nefir and his Imps.
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Muktar1The Muktars are the ancients enemies of genies. They used to hunt down and kill them but that was long, long ago. They’re believed to be extincted until one day a Muktar appeared at the Skull and Dagger where Iago and Abu where getting (stealing but the money was already stolen so techincally it isn’t stealing) from thieves gamebling. He smells magic on Iago. The animals can escape to warn their magical friend who freaks out when he hears the news.
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Mirage1Next to Mozenrath, Mirage is one of Aladdin’s most powerful enemies. Her
magic powers are powerful enough to create a mirage of Agrabah, it’s people and Aladdin’s friends. Combined with her stunning keenness makes her a nemesis to fear. Mirage is the only female Aladdin has for an enemy. Since both Sadira and Hippsodeth are friends of the palace. Mirage is out to kill Aladdin and his pals and role the world, at least we think she want that. She doesn’t make her intentions very clear. She is also know as Evil Incarnate this could mean she has no reasons to harm Team Aladdin other then being evil.
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Mechanicles1Mechanicles is armed with many inventions. For example he invented, a a giant octopus to wipe the earth with steam from a boiling ocean. This time he takes revenge on Aladdin by throwing him and some captain (with an ego 2 times around the globe) in the salt filter of his evil invention. They should choke in the salt but Genie, Abu and Iago save their lives. At the end the machine is destroyed be blocking a hole in it by a chest full of gold. Oh and by pulling a lever that blows up the whole invention. He has a short of sidekick. A mental, windup beetle called Scooter. Scooter helps Mechanicles escape when Aladdin and co blows his machine up.
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