Amuk Moonrah

Amuk Moonrah1Amuk Moonrah is one of those villains that ruled over Agrabah thousands of years ago but was imprisoned somehow, somewhere and is now back with a vengeance.
Iago gets a warning of Fashir about an old evil that he revives and he alone can defeat. Iago passes it if as rubbish, he doesn’t believe in prophecies and stuff like that. He should know better though, one can expect everything in Agrabah. Despite his non-belief the parrot is nervous, freighted even. The gang, minus Jasmine explore, a cave for a new trade route. You never know if it’s save certainly not in the world of Aladdin, of course the cave isn’t save. Jasmine stayed home because she had to take care of Agrabah in absence of her father who after Iago’s warning went to a safer place. The princess refused to let Aladdin save Agrabah by himself.

Iago freaks out in the dark grabs a torch and lit the cave so awakens Amuk Moonrah a fire demon whose fire was burned up long ago. He easily defeats Genie but is forced to hide from the sunlight, he can only appear in darkness. The following night he appears before the gates of the city. After a very short fight Jasmine gives him the city and becomes his slave. He forces the people to build him a throne at the palace. He acts as if he’s a god enslaving the people into worshipping him and paying offers.
As the night passes by and becomes morning a merchant shows Amuk the magic of fireworks. Amuk likes it and orders both a fire spectacle and a lifelike, gold-filled statue when he returns. Aladdin sees this as a way to destroy the monster. He tells the people to make the statue but instead of filling it with gold it should be filled with fireworks. So it happens, Jasmine presents Amuk his statue and while he examines it she seeks cover. When she’s save Aladdin lit the fuse and the statue blows up right in the creatures face. However Amuk Moonrah is made of fire and only grows stronger. Major error.

At this point Iago flies in and shows him his amulet. Amuk isn’t scared at all so Iago flies into his mouth and so destroys him. At the same time Genie does a final attempt to take the fierily monster down and his credit for its demise.