Arbutus1This episode was inspired by the original fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast.” The parallels being that, in the original fairy tale, Beauty’s father picked a rose from Beast’s garden. The Beast was enraged and demanded Beauty as payment. The animators were wondering why the Beast got so upset about the stolen rose. They decided that the beast was an artist and that picking the rose destroyed his masterpiece.

Arbutus simply wants be creative aloneto be left alone but because he is misunderstood by human kind his plant are killed and he is forced ti fight. Garden of Evil shows 2 examples. First, the Sultan didn’t see that and Jasmine is taken away from him. Second,  when Aladdin doesn’t see how if one flower dies, Arbutus dies with it.
Garden of Evil is the most touching episode of the series, and a personal favorite of mine. It’s message is clear, “Sometimes we only how people are different from us. But if we look hard enough you’ll see that we’re all alike.”

Garden of Evil was released in the 1990’s to VHS on the tape Jasmine’s Enchanted Tales. In 2005 Disney released this tape on DVD with games and activiities as part of their Disney Princess line. Region 2 only