Ayam Aghoul

Aladdin finds a beautiful golden necklace in a chest buried deep in a pit. He gives it to Jasmine, and then the bad guy comes on stage. Aghoul appears and claims Jasmine as his bride.
Ayam was once the owner of the necklace; every girl who wore it became automatically his bride. Then he puts it on a young sorceress. She takes her revenge by poisoning him in the necklace. Till the moment Aladdin finds it. Aghoul is the standard bad guy. He appears in a second episode where Iago and Abu are sucked into a portal ending up at the side of the death. Ayam, as Jasmine calls him, uses them to get his revenge on Aladdin.

In “The Shadows Knows” Ayam Aghoul steals the shadows of Aladdin and company. If they don’t get their shadows back by night fall they’ll die. The shadows have their own life and Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s shadows are provoking some chaos in Agrabah.

In “See No Evil” Aladdn, Iago, Genie and Abu are treasure hunting at the shore. Then a mysteries, scary looking figure raises up from the sea and asks for Aladdin to give him access to a treasure. With Aladdin away Iago shoves Abu up front to pretent he is Aladdin and accepts the shell horn.

Iago nor Abu can blow it so they trick Al in believing they’re the mysterious figure and handle him the horn. The next morning Aladdin blows it at the shore and the sea opens up after a while they arrive at the ship where a spririt it locked up. only by a touch it can be set free.

The spirit is the gang’s old enemy Ayam Aghoul. With Aladdin locked up in the ships head. It’s up to the rest of the gang to reverse the switch.