Chaos1Chaos is a sort of cat, an all power cat. He’s is completely nuts and plays card games with Fate, but Fate cheats. Chaos is very powerful, more then we humans ever can imagine. For example, Chaos is more powerful then Mozenrath, Mirage and Jafar together. Genie says “He’s got more magic in his little
whisker than a palace full of genies.”

Chaos has a strange sense of humor he is so funny. He doesn’t like dull and always the same, he considers that boring. Mirage told him that Agrabah and Aladdin are boring nothing ever happens there. “The usual beautiful princess engaged to the dashing hero, destined to live happily ever after as expected.”
So the master of surrpise drops by the palace right into a bankquet for visting royals while the Sultan was away for state matters. He ruins the lunch by mutating Iago’s head into that of Gilbert Gottfried, his voice actor. And makes animals out of the royal guests. When he reveals himself Genie warns about his powers but Jasmine orders Chaos to go away. Which he doesn’t like and shrinks her down to the size of an insect.

Aladdin is everything but boring. But he always wins. So what can a crazy cat do? Let Aladdin fight with himself. And Al’s evil twin appear. Aladdin fights his evil twin while the evil Genie twin destroys the city. Mirage drops by and becomes part of the game Chaos is playing with Agrabah. But, Aladdin wins by using the third wish.