Mechanicles1Mechanicles is armed with many inventions. For example he invented, a a giant octopus to wipe the earth with steam from a boiling ocean. This time he takes revenge on Aladdin by throwing him and some captain (with an ego 2 times around the globe) in the salt filter of his evil invention. They should choke in the salt but Genie, Abu and Iago save their lives. At the end the machine is destroyed be blocking a hole in it by a chest full of gold. Oh and by pulling a lever that blows up the whole invention. He has a short of sidekick. A mental, windup beetle called Scooter. Scooter helps Mechanicles escape when Aladdin and co blows his machine up.

Another invention of his are mechanic termites to destroy Thundra’s rainforest.
By destroying the forest the crazy genius wants to wipe out all the filthy mud and insects. Iago defeats the crazy Greece inventor by throwing him in his
mega-termite suit down a waterfall. The suit rusts and breaks.

So you see Mechanicles is a crazy genius from Greece having an obsession with cleaning who invents machines to make the world a cleaner place to live. Next to this goal to make the world clean he wants, just as a few hundred other bad guys, revenge on Aladdin for defeating him and making him dirty.