Mirage1Next to Mozenrath, Mirage is one of Aladdin’s most powerful enemies. Her
magic powers are powerful enough to create a mirage of Agrabah, it’s people and Aladdin’s friends. Combined with her stunning keenness makes her a nemesis to fear. Mirage is the only female Aladdin has for an enemy. Since both Sadira and Hippsodeth are friends of the palace. Mirage is out to kill Aladdin and his pals and role the world, at least we think she want that. She doesn’t make her intentions very clear. She is also know as Evil Incarnate this could mean she has no reasons to harm Team Aladdin other then being evil.

We know that in “Eye Of The Beholder” she tests Aladdin and Jasmine’s love for each other by poising Jasmine. Her keenness turned Aladdin’s old friend Amal against him, and finally he has to race against time before his city inhabits become slaves in their sleep.She also send the most powerful feline in the world to Agrabah to sturr things up a bit in the boring city with a hero who always wins.