Mozenrath1Mozenrath is the best known villain from the series. The young sorcerer in
the dark clothes has quite allot of fans. Mozenrath is a sorcerer of the evil
kind; he’s compared with Jafar numberless times. The young sorcerer is the
best-dressed villain of the series. Even Jafar can’t match him, and he was
the grand vizier of a sultan. That gave him access to the nicest clothes in
the city.

Mozenrath’s goal in life is to collect as much magic as possible, it doesn’t
matter to him if the magic is in the form of power or an artifact as long
as it posses powerful magic. Then one day his thirst for power leads him to
Agrabah where he tries to talk Aladdin into helping him. Aladdin, smart as he is, tricks the sorcerer so that the magic beast, Thirdak, turning against
Mozenrath. From that day on Mozenrath’s second goal in life is to destroy Aladdin and friends.

It doesn’t matter to him how he does that, replacing Aladdin’s friends by
Mamluks, using a windjackel, a magic book where a sorcerer is locked in or
letting a thief turn the Sultan into a golden statue and stealing him. Mozenrath is the most ruthless villain Aladdin faces in the series. That and his magic makes him very dangerous to deal with.