Muktar1The Muktars are the ancients enemies of genies. They used to hunt down and kill them but that was long, long ago. They’re believed to be extincted until one day a Muktar appeared at the Skull and Dagger where Iago and Abu where getting (stealing but the money was already stolen so techincally it isn’t stealing) from thieves gamebling. He smells magic on Iago. The animals can escape to warn their magical friend who freaks out when he hears the news.

The Muktar sniffes him to to the palace and after a chase throughout the palace he captures the genie. But Aladdin won’t let his friend taken away without a fight and by using his cleverness to grate a diversion he frees his friend. They figure out that a former master of Genie must behind the Muktar who now works for money as a bounty hunter.

They find the only living ex-master of Genie in the mountains. He stalls the gang long enough for the Muktar to get up with them. After a chase down the mountains Genie and the Muktar fight but dispite Genie’s best effort he was doomend to lose and in prisoned by living handcuffs. When Al’s willing to give his own life for that of his friend Al Gebraic sees that nothing can
break their friendship and tears up the contact.

Later Genie’s friends dissapear one by one the trail leads to the Muktar who asks his help to defeat Muktar. Appearantly Mr. Super bad wizard boy done something to the Muktar to turn him to Genie for help. However it is a trap, the Muktar works for Muktar who wants, as always Genie’s powers. Somewhere along these lines the Muktar’s life is saved by Genie. This makes
him decide to help Genie and his friends to escape Mozenrath. Who probably weren’t to happy with that.