Nefir Hassenuf

Nefir Hassenuf1Nefir looks like a bird with bat wings and legs. He’s dressed
in Egyptian clothes, a blue and red turban with a snake up front.

If you thought Iago was greedy you haven’t met Nefir, he’s ten
times greedier. First he demolishes Getzestan, the Las Vegas of the seven deserts by giving Samir the Destroyer, a giant pink rhino dancing shoes. Then let his Imps rebuld the city again the next day and asks a ridicules amount of money. Till Aladdin and friends, minus our favorite princess, come along and deal with Nefir and his Imps.

Another time Nefir starts a war between Agrabah and Odiferous. He provides weapons to both sides. Neither the Sultan or Prince Uncoutma know that the enemy gets their weapons from Nefir too. That is till Aladdin starts sneaking around. In his last appearance Nefir gets Genie to do the dirty work for him to reach an island where a worm lives in a golden cocoon that cures every disease.

Genie can’t stand Nefir and his Imps, they annoy it is unclear why exactly. Half way “Mission: Imp Possible” Genie begins to like the imp until Nefir tricks him into a trap then it’s over being nice.Genie got back at Nefir by letting him behind on the island chased around by a triple headed lion.