Sootini1Trapped into a black powder for who knows how long Sutanei, spelling is probably incorrect, slumbers for an eternity until Abis Mal burns some of it’s smoke. The little smoke demon convinces him that he can be useful, he can steal. So Abis Mal draws up a plan to spread the powder over Agrabah. At night, when the citizens go to sleep and add a little powder to their lamps to keep warm for the night little smoke demons are released and steal the people’s valuables delivering it to Abis Mal and Haroud.

They setup store at the market place. Everything goes their merry way when Jasmine comes along wanting to do something for the city. In disguise the crooks sell the powder to her. She distributes it all over the city. Every time a little powder comes a in contact with fire a little could of smoke appears from it. If enough little smoke creatures are released they form Sutanei, destroyer of city, annihilator of worlds.

Once released Abis Mal thinks he can order the monster around and use it,
as usual, to kill team Aladdin and ake over Agrabah. But Sutanei has is own agenda feeding of smoke he burns more and more of Agrabah to grow stronger, bigger, deadlier. Almost unstoppable that is until Jasmine has a cunning plan to lure him away from the city with a huge explosion causing an enormous smoke cloud. What the smoke demon doesn’t know is beneath the barrels of lamp oil that where set on fire is water. Now it’s Genie’s turn as he drills a hole into the ground right where the water is causing it to sprut out and put our Sutanei for good.