Captain Rasoul

Captain Rasoul1Rasoul and his men are the palace guards. Their duty is to protect Agrabah and the royal family. Rasoul and Aladdin have a history that goes back when Aladdin was still a street kid. Rasoul often chased Aladdin through the city but every time Aladdin was just a tad smarter and faster. Now that Aladdin is married to Jasmine — making him next in line to rule. Rasoul has no choice but to follow Aladdin’s orders.

In the episode “The Return of Malcho” street rat and the head of the guards are getting along better, at least at the end of the episode. Aladdin was sultan while the rest except Iago where away when Iago’s nightmate Malcho returned to get his revenge on Iago who tricked him in an ice prison. Rasoul got some respect for Aladdin who proved he could be a good leader by trapping Malcho into a volcano.

No one knows what made the cranky, bad mood head of the guards we have been introduced too in ‘Aladdin.’ maybe something happened in his life that made him so devoted too his work maybe he was once married and he lost his wife in a tradic way. Rasoul is loyal to the Sultan and Princess Jasmine some one gave as example that when Jasmine ordered to release Aladdin in ‘Aladdin’ he said she had to take it up with Jafar. It seems that Jafar has more to say in Agrabah then the princess.