Omar1Omar is the merchant that almost cut of Jasmine’s hand for stealing. Being the first time outside the palace on her own the compassionte princess tried to do good by giving a little boy an apple. Omar saw her stealing and demanded money or she would pay for her crime. Just in the nick of time Aladdin came to the rescue explaining to the merchant that she was his sister and little crazy. If it wasn’t for kleptomanic Abu the kids would have gotten away from with it. But Abu dropped his loot of course Omar saw that and yelled, “Thieves!”

Omar made cameos during the series in at least two episdes. In “web of fear” he fears the spiders living underground. When he was little his great-parents told him huge spiders lived underground waiting for return to the surrfice to conquer Agrabah and kill everyone. At the end of the episode the spiders proved they where not a threat to the people of Agrabah. Infact they where their friends. And in part 2 of “Seems like old crimes” he is seen again.