King Pector

King Pector1King Pector home is he kingdom of Muskar, an island somewhere in the ocean. He can summon storms and lighting bolts and slightly reassembles Hercules. A winged horse named Lulu is his way to get around. Ector falls in the one-time billion category. He has something against the
Sultan of Agrabah because he thinks the Sultan insulted Queen Hippsodeth of the Gallifemes who the King has a crush on and tries to make her go out with him. The problem is that her heart belong to the Sultan, read more about the Gallifemes and background of this incident.
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Pain & Panic

Pain & Panic1Minions of Hades, Greek god of the underworld in Ancient Greece. They do the dirty work for him, like making people sick, killing them, stealing the sun, kill Hercules and Aladdin. Send out to Agrabah by their master to seek and destroy a mortal named Aladdin they use the description Jafar, now semi-ghost, gave them to find Al. They find Abu, who matches “He wears a vest – no shirt – and a rakish fez.” But Aladdin with Jasmine and Carpet appear behind them on on rooftop demanding the release of Abu. As a two headed dragon Pain and Panic fight and lose to Aladdin’s cleverness.
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Oopo & Din

Oopo & Din1Oopo and din are two wizards of the enternal power/never die kind. To counter their eternal boredom they play games but not with each other. They search the universe for players, in this case Genie who wants to win desperately even if it’s just once. Big blue lost with cricket and baseball to Carpet and isn’t happy that he always loses to the rug or you could say Carpet always wins. Anyway Genie and Carpet are recruited by the duo. din gets Genie and Oopo gets the flying carpet.

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