Prince Achmed

Prince Achmed1Appearing early in “Aladdin” Prince Achmed visits Agrabah to seek Princess Jasmine’s hand in marriage. He heard that the Sultan of Agrabah is looking for a suitor for his beautiful daughter.
As the Prince rides through the city on it’s way to the palace the citizens watch him go knowing he’ll be gone within a day.

Suddenly two children run right before his horse scaring him Prince Achmed draws his whip to hit them. Aladdin jumps in front of the kids catching the whip and throws it back at the snobby prince.
“If I was a rich as you I could afford some manners.”
The already cranked prince kicks Aladdin in the mud puddle and continues to the palace as Aladdin sneers at him, “look at that Abu it’s not everyday you see a horse with two rear ends.” The crowd silences, the bravery of the boy going against royalty stuns them. But Prince Achmed got the last laugh, for now. as he says only Aladdin’s fleas would morn his death. And disappears behind the huge palace gates.

The morning the Prince storms into the palace coming from the garden and missing part of his pants. Apparently Rajah didn’t approve Prince Achmed as suitor for his mistresses, Princess Jasmine. It is the last time we see Prince Achmed.